Routines and guidelines for corona

Dear guests,

Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic we wish to inform you about changes made to our operating procedures, which affects all of our guests and staff. We monitor local and national guidelines and restrictions, implementing measures accordingly. We will also enforce extraordinary measures where we deem this necessary.
Please feel assured that all precautions are implemented and that we take the security of our guests and staff outmost seriously.

In addition to our normal high level of hygiene throughout the hotel, we inform of the following routines and changes:

  • All room items not deemed necessary for guest comfort have been removed to prevent cross contamination. Examples of this are; the removal of decorative pillows, blankets and items as well as books and brochures.
  • The reception and bar areas are zoned to restrict access for more than one person during check-in/out and when contacting our staff. This results in secure social distancing and a safe working environment for our staff. In addition, Plexiglas screens have been placed in these areas to protect guests and staff during direct conversations.
  • Strict hygiene measures in both common areas and guest rooms. Surfaces such as tables, counters, card machines and pens are frequently sanitized between uses.
  • Our breakfast buffet is replaced with individual orders the night prior to service, and breakfast is prepared freshly at your preferred time. Social distancing during breakfast hours is ensured by only allowing two guests to collect their food within timeslots of 5 minutes. In addition, the tables within the dining area are placed with large distance between them.
  • All of our staff are educated and are constantly updated to adhere to national and local guidelines. Guests will also see staff wearing facemasks in situations where recommended distance might be compromised.
  • The hotel provides free disposable masks to guests who wish to use these. We also have several antibac-stations throughout the common areas of the hotel.

Please note that additional measures and restrictions will be implemented as local and national health authorities update their guidelines.

We offer bespoke packages off-site for groups that must quarantine when arriving in Norway. Please contact us directly for more information and prices.